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Welcome to the home page of FERALPI-HUNGÁRIA KFT.

On its Csepel site Feralpi-Hungária Kft. has the largest and broadest stock of welded reinforcement meshes of Central-Europe, and it is the biggest mesh producer in Hungary.

The main activity of the company is the production of standard Hungariam, Slovakian, Croatian and special mesh sizes; but it produces and sells cold-ribbed reinforcing steel coils and bars, hot-rolled reinforcing bars, wire-rods and levelled wire-rods.

Due to the direct German and indirect Italian ownership the production is operated on high-tech automatic machines consuming the raw material supplied by the German mother company. The guaranteed quality of our products is provided by the continuous quality assurance and certified by the certificates provided for the customers. Application of our products in Hungary and abroad is proved by several certificates.

Feralpi-Hungária Kft. has been serving the Hungarian construction industry and the Hungarian steel traders for more than twenty years; and provides its customers with continuous supply at a favourable producer price level.

Our most important products are:

  • reinforcing bars,
  • reinforcement meshes,
  • reinforcement meshes,
  • levelled wire-rods.

Our phone numbers: 36-1-427-0877; 36-30-748-0122

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